Example of a two week timeline 

Monday 1st -Sale Day

Tuesday 2nd - Collection, Payment & Postage etc

Wednesday 3rd - Vendors' lots in for next sale

Thursday 4th - Vendors' lots in for next sale

Friday 5th - Catalogue begins - No more entries

Saturday 6th - CLOSED

Sunday 7th - CLOSED

Monday 8th - CLOSED  (Sale prep)

Tuesday 9th -CLOSED  (Sale prep)

Wednesday 10th -CLOSED  (Sale prep) 

Thursday 11th -CLOSED  (Sale prep)

Friday 12th - VIEWING 9am – 4pm

Saturday 13th - VIEWING 9am - 2pm

Sunday 14th - CLOSED

Monday 15th - Sale Day


2019 Sales


30th September

(Lots in on 18th/19th Sept)


21st October – Collectors Sale

(Specialist lots in on 2nd/3rd/4 Oct

Please contact us to discuss lots if you have any queries)


4th November

18th November

2nd December