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Frequently Asked Questions

Intro to FAQs..

How often are your sales?2024-07-05T13:40:07+00:00

Our sale is now over two days, Monday and Tuesday, and are spaced three weeks apart. Please see our Auction Calendar for more information.

Does everyone have to register?

Anybody wishing to buy at auction must register at reception prior to the sale. Our auctions are open to the public and anyone is welcome to view without registering, however no bids will be accepted without a bidding paddle. Once you have registered with us once that number will be yours for every future sale.

I’ve never been to an auction before, what do I do?2023-12-14T16:42:06+00:00

We know that coming along to an auction for the first time can be a little daunting! We aim to offer a friendly welcome and will help you where we can. If you’re interested in visiting one of our auctions, simply come along during the viewing times (found here) and have a look at what’s on offer for the next sale – this is a good way to get a feel for the saleroom and offers plenty of time for you to browse at your leisure and talk with the staff if you have any queries. 

If you’re not sure you’d like to bid in the room on the day or you can’t make it, you can leave commission bids with reception – these must be received by 10am on the morning of the sale. Any bids after that time we may not be able to execute on your behalf due to time constraints. 

If you’d like to bid in the room, you will need to register at reception prior to the sale. You will be given a bidding paddle with a number that is assigned to you. When a lot comes up that you’re interested in, simply raise your bidding paddle or hand so the auctioneer can see it. If you’re the highest bidder you will win that lot – providing it has exceeded any reserve price. The auctioneer will need to note down your number when you win.

We have catalogues available to buy during your viewing, alternatively you can download a copy from the website.

We look forward to seeing you!

When do I need to arrive?

Every sale has a viewing time before the sale both on the day and on previous viewing days. If you need to register to bid we advise you leave plenty of time to do so as it may be busy. 

On sale days we open at 9am, and the sale starts at 10am sharp!

Can I put anything into a sale?2023-12-14T16:44:27+00:00

Items will be entered into auction if deemed suitable by our valuers. In an instance where this is not possible, we will offer advice on alternative methods of sale or disposal. 

Online Bidding2024-07-09T12:43:31+00:00

Online bidding for our auctions is hosted by Easy Live Auctions.

When registering for the sale, it’s your choice whether to pay a one off flat fee of £3 to bid on any lots through-out the whole sale.

Alternatively, you can opt to pay 3.6% on the hammer price – only worth doing if your overall commission would be less than £3! Normal auction house fees still apply as normal at 20% + VAT.Once you have an account, you’ll need to register to bid for each sale as and when they happen.

So, you can take part in the sale from the comfort of your home for just £3!

PLEASE NOTE: Only the flat fee will be taken by Easy Live Auctions. No money for your goods will be paid to Easy Live Auctions.

Payment is to be made directly to us, but we would like to stress that where possible, please pay for your goods by bank transfer (details will be on your invoice we send to you after the sale). 

We ask kindly that lots are picked up as soon as possible.

We can accept card payments in house, and cash if necessary.

You may not be able to join us in person on the day, but you don’t have to miss out!

Fees and payment methods2024-07-10T14:53:51+00:00

Fees for buyers please click here.

Fees for sellers please click here. 

We ask that payment for items is received within 48 hours of the sale ending, unless other arrangements have been agreed between the buyer and the Auctioneers.  

We accept payment by BACS (bank transfer), cash, and card payments (£15 and above). 

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