House Content Appraisals

At Churchill Auctioneers we offer a new and much fairer way of dealing with house clearances. We offer a FREE no obligation initial site visit and should you decide to go with us we’ll take you right the way through the clearance process all the way to the sale day.

Whether you’re acting on behalf of a client or are a private individual, Churchill Auctioneers will arrange a free, no obligation appointment at the property in question. Confidential, professional advice on the best course of action is then given; whether you’re looking to remove specific items or clear an entire property.

We deal with all clearances in a respectful manner for both the situation and the items. We realise the need for a calm, discreet and thorough service which focuses on integrity, and whilst reducing workload for a relative or solicitor, maximises the financial return for the estate, and meets social, charitable and environmental obligations.

Before the sale, all personal items deemed to be of no commercial value but of probable sentimental value will be sorted through and re-offered to the estate. Please contact us if you’d like to receive more information about our house clearance service.